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Compact Remote IO Module CC Link $351.12
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Compact Remote IO Module CC Link

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CC-Link is a high performance Device level network that is based on 10MBit twisted pair wiring. This network is used to interconnect a wide variety of automation devices including I/O, Controllers, HMIs, VFDs and Servo products. When configuring systems for remote I/O control, solutions will generally include a network Master station and the remote I/O node. Remote I/O nodes can be specified from any of the following types including digital, analog, temperature, high-speed counter or positioning. Users have the freedom to select digital I/O based on a number of difference characteristics including I/O density (8/16/32 points), Input specifications (AC/DC), Output specifications (Relay, Triac and Transistor) and termination type (conventional screw terminal, FCN and quick connector types). Most remote I/O nodes are designed for installation into control cabinets but direct mount (IP67 waterproof) nodes are also available. This type of remote I/O system is ideal for many machine builders and manufacturing facilities seeking smaller concentrations of fixed I/O.
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Compact Remote IO Module CC Link
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