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Safety Class

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This is a one day seminar devoted to teaching students awareness related to the dangers of Hydraulic and Air systems. Below is a listing of areas the seminar covers. It is designed for students that operate equipment whether in plant such as presses, injection molding machines, blow molding machines, forging, steel mills, lumber mills, or material handling. It also is very suitable for students who operate on Mobile equipment such as bucket lifts, municipality trucks, mining equipment, refuse equipment, aviation support, etc.

Our Goal for this class is to have your employees more aware of potential dangers, more knowledgeable of Hydraulics and a better understanding of the risks associated with operations around fluid power systems.

The Seminar utilizes presentation material that includes powerpoint, photos, and video to cover the following general outline:

Module 1: Basic Fluid Power

Basic Principals
Pressure and Flow
Safety equipment
Components of Hyd systems
Transmission of Power
Basic Fluid Dynamics

Module 2: Hose & Connectors

Identifying damage and common failures
Industry Standards
Preventative maintenance
Installion Considerations
Recommended Practice to improve the life and safety
Dangers related to leaks and common injuries

Module 3: Oil

Types and Specifications
Special Considerations
Material Safety Data Sheets
Common Hazards
Handling best Practices
Physical and Chemical Considerations
Proper disposal

Module 4: Troubleshooting and Servicing Hydraulics

Understanding operation of components
Common Problems with Pumps and Cylinders
Common Dangers
Temperature and Pressure considerations
Understanding Accumulators and dangers associated with them
Understanding Pressure intensification

Each student will receive printed material, MSDS information, safety glasses, ear plugs, Data books etc.

Terms and Conditions:
Seminar Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and must be accompanied by payment. We will accept any of the following: a valid purchase order for those Customers with established Terms with Womack Machine Supply Company, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, check or money order. A seat in the seminar can only be reserved upon receipt of payment. Payment must be received prior to start of the seminar. Confirmation will be sent to the registered students prior to start of the seminar.

Cancellation Policy:
If the student is unable to attend the scheduled seminar, that student may attend an alternate seminar or have a substitute attend at no additional charge provided we receive notification within Ten Business Days of the start of the seminar. An enrollment may be canceled up to Ten Business Days prior to the start of the seminar without penalty. Cancellations occurring within Ten Business Days prior to the start of the seminar will be subject to a 50% non-refundable cancellation fee. No refunds will be issued for “no-show” students. All cancellations or changes or must be communicated via telephone, fax, or email. Dated cancellation notices can be provided upon request at time of cancellation.

Class Cancellation:
Womack Machine Supply Company reserves the right to cancel seminars for any reason. If a seminar is canceled, each registered student will be notified and given the option of attending a different seminar, or to receive a full refund.

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Safety Class
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