Fundamentals of Industrial Controls & Automation Textbook

Item: 1050016
  • First edition
  • 284 pages
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • Over 245 illustrations
  • Soft bound cover
  • Available in case of 22 textbooks

This textbook focuses on a beginners study of electricity, electronics, control components and automation as related to industrial control. Modern manufacturing techniques are only possible because of dependable electrical control systems. This textbook explores the proper use of electrical controls to maximize productivity, minimize downtime, simplify maintenance, improve safety and provide information to effectively manage operations.

Topics covered in seven chapters include: Electrical Fundamentals; Input Devices; Sensors And Switches; Logic Devices; Timers and Counters; Output Devices; Schematic Diagrams and Logic; Programmable Logic Controllers and Accessories; and Temperature Control.

Note to Trainers:
This book is used as a textbook in our own industrial controls and automation schools. A previous edition of this book has been used for many years by hundreds of vocational schools, technical schools, colleges, fluid power component manufacturers for in-house training of employees, and by fluid power and automation distributors for holding seminars or for conducting training schools for Customers.

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